all shiny & new

August 9, 2007

Patent leather is no longer just for dominatrix outfits and tacky stripper shoes. A lead trend for the fall season is this shiny material in a varied color pallete. It’s also not only for the attractive handbag, either. Shoes, belts, headbands, and even watches are decked out all shiny, shiny.
Take a look:

Cara Accessories Patent Leather Headband $68


Christian Louboutin Decolette Patent Tiger Pumps $570


Kate Spade Perforated Patent Small Tote $495


Gucci Patent Green Leather Skinny Belt $99.00


Betsey Johnson Patent-Strap Watch $85




July 9, 2007

Well I have to admit I am a tad bit pissed that you can only use the iPhone if you have Cingular Wireless(AT&T, whatever they are calling it now…)!

I would never switch back to such crappy service, not even for such a beautiful phone. Honestly, it does everything. You get real internet (which you can see on the clever commercials), an iPod!, plus a ton of great technological advancements for the actual phone – such as being able to see a list of your voicemails and listen to them in whichever order you please – exactly like email.

I adore all things Mac (their graphics are just so perfect), so hopefully when it is time to renew my contract and get a new phone the 2nd generation iPhone will available to everyone! I bet their sales would have been much better if they hadn’t restricted it to one wireless service.

the 4GB is $499 and the 8GB is $599


*So sorry for not posting all that often, I am in the midst of moving into my new house! Plus with classes life has been a little crazy these days…hopefully things will settle down soon!

Since I’m a girl, changing my mind is part of my chemical makeup. And as much as I love the shoes in the previous post…this necklace blew me away

elsa peretti diamonds by the yard pendant (
the gold is $475.00 platinum is $925.00


I’ve actually seen this on someone and the diamond is so small and understatedly classic. I love it!

hahaha….. my absolute dream of a birthday present.
(of course it is a shoe)

i took one look in the new anthropologie catalog and ran to the store today to see if they actually had them in person. which they don’t.

this little pic doesn’t do them justice.
get a closer look on their website:


little miss sunshine

June 26, 2007

It’s been forever since I’ve posted – so sorry! I was visiting home for the week and had to leave my precious computer behind…no worries. I’ve been itching to comment on tons of stuff. Like the color yellow.

Yellow is huge this season; everything from shoes to bathing suits will have you beaming like a ray of sunshine.

I was walking the mall and wandered into a really great swimwear shop named Everything But Water. They have everything you need for a day by the pool, except the water (hence the witty name). This yellow polka dot bikini top – that rhymes haha – caught my eye:

let’s polka $49.00

This citrone colored dress from Velvet by Graham & Spencer is a more subdued choice for those not comfortable wearing a neon-bright:

’emma’ dress $160.00

Stand out during your workout with this stylish bra top by Adidas. It offers great support as well as ventilated ClimaCool®, which keeps you dry during the hot summer months:

supernova v-neck long bra $45.00

I really don’t have any comments about these shoes because Christian Louboutins basically speak for themselves. They are sexy and 20% off their retail price at

yellow leather pvc ‘scout’ wedges $460.00

And an amazing find, the best for last, a great summer tote from Target. The yellow accents are just right: (…for $10.49!)

canvas tote with yellow trim


June 15, 2007

The leading brand in nail care, OPI, has some great new collections out. All different colors to suit all your different personalities.

The Australia collection has flirtatious colors with adorable names like “Canberra’t Without You” and “Koala Bear-y”

Their Garden Party series are light and sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean the cute names have to stop. “Hearts & Tarts” “Just Tea-sing!”

Despite being a bit tricky to pull off, the Go Deliciously Dark! collection is my favorite. The rich colors are deep but still fun to experiment with. “Lincoln Park After Dark”

cutie cases

June 12, 2007

I always get really excited when I buy a new bag, and a makeup bag is no exception! It is such a simple way to make a statement, especially if you are a girl who carries one around with you.

american apparel, $12.00

Simply Sarah Shaw, Sasha Signature Dot (wow that is a lot of s’) $38.00

*my favorite
Cole Haan, $39.00